About PolBlogs

Ours is a blog about politics, economics, social issues, and artistic expression intended to contrast the typical anti-intellectual approach one might see in social media quips and memes. We are seeking well-considered conversation about these subjects which, we believe, are too often relegated to social media drive-by’s, or perhaps worse, to a simmering silence for want of such a medium as this in which systematic and thorough conversation can take place.

Especially in the political world, information and opinion are purposefully orchestrated to mask horrendous contradictions and confusion. We’re invited to deny ourselves certain rights to privacy and the free exercise of speech. Claiming the overriding security interests of the state, particularly the military-intelligence apparatus, citizens have accepted greater intrusion into their lives, including massive surveillance and censorship. Military budgets have destroyed essential social services such as health care and education.

This project takes the form of a blog so that extended discussions can be developed in a conversational way, a dialectical method of a sort. We enter into the conversation eager to clarify, not purify, our own thoughts; to employ the observations and critiques of others to better understand their thinking and our own.

We commit ourselves to the fullest, respectable consideration in our articles, comments, and replies to each other. And we solicit the same from others. No one is asked to compromise political points, but everyone is asked to avoid diatribe. The general ground rules of mutual respect and sincerity in critique are essential to the success of the project.